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'Wildfire' Clematis



From Poland comes this eye-popping early blooming Clematis with huge 6-8” saturated violet purple flowers with a reddish purple bar.  The newest flowers open as a magenta pink then deepen to violet purple as they mature.  A small tuft of purple anthers and white filaments appear in the center of each colorful blossom. This Polish selection is very long blooming, producing flowers from early summer through early fall. Use it to cover trellises, climb over shrubs or small trees, or to cover fences. Prunning group 2. Grows 8-10', sun to part shade.


Clematis growing tips

Most clematis prefer full sun or light shade, although there are many that prefer more shade. Clematis need cool roots that are shaded. Plant a small shrub or large perennial directly in front of it to shade roots. A thick layer of mulch will also help to keep the soil moist. This vine prefers to be grown in moist, well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. Adding lime to the soil will help to provide these conditions.

Plant Clematis 3" deeper than it was in the original pot. Bury the first set of entire leaves to encourage the production of strong shoots from below soil level and to discourage clematis wilt.


Group 2 Pruning—Early to midseason flowering selections and rebloomers

This group blooms in early summer, with the first flush of flowers appearing on the previous year's growth. This is followed by a second flush flowers appearing on the new growth. These flowers will likely be smaller than the first ones and flowers that were double the first time may be single the second time.

The time to prune this group is in late winter or early spring. Dead and weak shoots should be removed. Check stems from the top down until you see a pair of healthy buds, prune just above them, removing damaged or weak growth above. Avoid heavy pruning or flowers will be lost.


Then prune again after the first flush of flowers. To encourage a second flush of flowers later in the season prune back some stems by cutting to large buds or a strong side shoot immediately below the blooms.




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