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Reference Guide Contents

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'Golden Showers' Climbing Rose



'New Dawn Climbing Rose'































'Heritage' English Rose










'Blushing Knock Out' Rose


'Carefree Beauty' Shrub Rose


'Carefree Delight' Shrub Rose


'Carefree Spirit' Shrub Rose


'Double Knock Out' Rose


'Drift Pink' Rose


 'Flower Carpet Apricot' Rose


 'Flower Carpet Scarlet' Rose


 'Flower Carpet Yellow' Rose


'Home Run' Shrub Rose


'Iceberg' Shrub Rose


 'Knock Out' Shrub Rose


'Pink Double Knock Out' Rose


'Rainbow Knock Out' Shrub Rose


'Sunny Knock Out' Shrub Rose





'Cinco de Mayo' Floribunda Rose



















'Elle' Hybrid Tea Rose
















































































'Pink Promise' Hybrid Tea Rose














































'Traviata' Hybrid Tea Rose







‘America.’  Luscious pink suffused with salmon and coral, with lighter tones on the petal reverse bloom all summer into fall.  Grows 10-12’.  Blooms have strong, spicy clove scent. 


‘Blaze Improved.’  Thousands of brilliant scarlet clusters appear in early summer continue into fall.  A rapid grower it reaches 7’ tall and 4’ wide.


‘Don Juan.’  Very fragrant, huge 5” flowers bloom repeatedly all summer. 

Good glossy foliage.


‘Fourth of July.’  Heavenly fragrant, vibrant scarlet mixed with milky white flowers bloom in clusters.  Good repeat bloom all summer.


‘Golden Showers.’  The finest yellow climbing rose.  Abundant clusters of fragrant, ruffled yellow flowers are a constant source of cheerful color from spring until late fall.  The wonderful glossy green foliage always looks great.  Blooms on new and old wood.  All American Rose Selections Winner.


‘Iceberg Climbing.’  One of the most sought after and hard to find Climbers today.  It covers itself in clouds of pure white semi double blooms.  Good repeat bloom. 


‘New Dawn.’  Small clusters of hybrid-tea type blooms are light pink; the first plant to be patented; can also be used as a shrub.


‘Night Owl.’  Like no other!  Velvety wine-purple blossoms are dramatically set of with bright yellow stamens.  The sweetly fragrant blossoms are very long lived and hold their deep claret color to the very end.  Repeat flowering readily all season.  Clean foliage.


‘Peace Climbing.’  Huge full, hybrid-tea blossoms are golden yellow, edged rose pink to deep pink.  Blooms on old wood.


‘Sally Holmes.’  This vigorous, hardy climber has lightly fragrant white flowers with a delicate pink blush.  A classic favorite! Height 6-12’


‘Sky’s the Limit.’  Climbing Rose.  One of the most beautiful yellow climbers around. Re-blooming well in the very first season, she’ll skyrocket in growth to quickly establish that perfect climbing effect.  Slight fruity fragrance.  Grows 10 to 12 feet tall. Unusually hardy, and disease resistant.


‘Social Climber.’  Repeat bloomer of deep pink flowers with a spicy fragrance.  Such full-petaled, fragrant flowers are rare in a climber.  Height 6’.


‘Zephirine Droughin’ Climbing Bourbon Rose.  12-18”; vigorous rose; long pointed buds of vivid cerise-pink open to semi-double clusters of blooms - continuously; great fragrance; performs well in shade and on north-facing walls; thornless canes and mildew resistant - amazing!  Since 1868.




These roses are crosses of Old Garden Roses with modern hybrids.  The results are repeat blooming roses with the old rose characteristics of full, lush blossoms that are wonderfully fragrant, along with shrubby growth habit.


‘Abraham Darby.’  Large, full double blooms of apricot yellow shades have a delicious fruity scent.  Flowers appear all summer long on arching canes.  Shiny foliage on vigorous shrubs. 


‘Christopher Marlowe.’  Intense orange-red flowers pale to salmon-pink on the outer petals as the flowers age.  A great rose where a bright splash of red required.  Height 2 1/2’.


‘Graham Thomas.’  4-6’x5’.  Apricot-pink buds produce medium-cupped flowers of rich yellow continuously, lovely Tea Rose fragrance.  Upright, slender and bushy. Voted World's Favorite Rose in 2009.


‘Heritage.’ 4’x4’.  Bushy compact habit.  4” cupped-shaped sprays of blooms of the purest and clearest shell pink throughout summer.  Strong Old Rose fragrance with lemon over-tone.  “Perhaps the most beautiful English Rose” according to David Austin.


‘Janet.’  Peachy-pink blooms are overshot with hints of copper and yellow.  Buds unfurl into densely petaled blooms, releasing a potent tea rose fragrance.  Height 4’.


‘Jude the Obscure.’  Deep yellow petals with shades of apricot or peach form full cupped, peony-like flowers with intense fragrance of  honey and vanilla.  Disease resistant.  Reaches 4 feet tall and wide.  Considered to be one of the best David Austin Roses to date.


‘Mary Rose.’  Large 4” luscious pink flowers that have the appearance and fabulous fragrance of the old Damasks.  Very long blooming from spring until frost.  May be pruned hard.  5’.


‘Pat Austin.’  Bright copper on the inside of the petals with pale copper-yellow on the outer sides.  The flowers are large and deeply cupped, so that the contrasting colors between the two sides give off an attractive effect.  Height 4’.


‘Windermere.’  Perfectly rounded buds open to full, cupped flowers of rich cream that pale to an almost pure white.  Deliciously fruity  fragrance with a hint of citrus.  Blooms until late in the season.  Height 3’.




‘Baby Blanket.’  Groundcover Rose.  Touch as nails— needs no coddling!  Mounds of dense foliage are profusely covered by delicate pink blooms.  Gives quick wide spread coverage.  Height 3’.  Spread 5’.


‘Blushing Knock Out.’  As remarkable as its carefree namesake ‘Knock Out’. Fabulous light pink petals mature into soft shell pink as the blooms age. This beauty produces masses of flowers from spring to late fall and even blooms in the shade. It thrives in heat and humidity and never needs spraying. It makes a striking hedge, backdrop to a perennial garden, or a standout specimen.


‘Butterfly’ Antique Rose, R. mutabilis.  Like a butterfly, this vigorous China rose has bright orange buds that open into clusters of single, buff-yellow flowers, which eventually change from orange to crimson. Flowers open sequentially so all colors appear at once. The plant grows 4 to 10 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

‘Carefree Beauty.’  A pink, everblooming shrub; maintenance-free bush which blooms and blooms; golden-orange fruit all winter; rugged, hardy, and disease resistant; good landscape rose.


‘Carefree  Spirit.’  A deep cherry red everblooming shrub that stays disease free all season.  Red and white bicolor petals radiate around a white eye.  The glossy green foliage looks great with no spraying.   A medium sized rose with a bushy, compact and spreading habit.  2009 All American Rose Selection winner.   

‘Carefree Sunshine.’  Deep gold buds open to large lemon-yellow flowers nonstop.  A hedge-forming type that grows 3 1/2’.


‘Day Dream.’  Massive clusters of fuchsia-pink scented blooms open wide and flat topping deep glossy foliage.  Disease resistant with compact rounded habit.  2005 All American Selection winner


‘Double Knock Out.’  Just likes its namesake ‘Knock Out’, only will double blooms and smaller stature.  Non-stop full, cherry red flowers bloom spring until frost over beautiful green foliage.  Only grows 3-4’.


‘Double Pink Knock Out.’  Just likes its namesake ‘Knock Out’, only will double pink blooms.  Non-stop full, flowers bloom spring until frost over beautiful green foliage.  Only grows 3-4’.


'Drift Roses.' From the same people who gave us the 'Knock Out' rose series comes the next big thing for small gardens. Like 'Knock Outs', Drift Roses are repeat-bloomers that are tough, disease resistant, winter hardy and virtually maintenance-free.


Drift Roses are a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniature roses. They are tough and disease resistance along with having a well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature. Continuously blooming from spring to frost (bloom cycle about every 5-6 weeks), they are naturally dwarf, with very attractive foliage.


Colors include ‘Apricot,’ ‘Peach,’ 'Pink,' ‘Red,’ and the heavy petaled ‘Sweet Drift,’ a clear pink whose flower clusters seem to float atop its dark green glossy foliage. The large clusters of roses are so profuse they completely cover the shrubs.

Drift Roses only grow 12-18" but spread 2-3'. Great low growing habit, disease resistance and ease of care makes Drift Roses a top choice for low-maintenance areas. Perfect in front of the garden, as a low growing specimen, or spilling over walls. Excellent groundcover for slopes. Performs best in full sun.


‘Flower Carpet’ Groundcover Rose.  Profuse blooms of pink, white, red, apricot or yellow on healthy, disease resistant foliage.  Grows 2-3’ tall and 3-4’ wide.  No fancy pruning is needed.  Spreading dense habit gives solid coverage in beds, borders, foundations and valued as slope coverage.  The newest additions to these wonders is ‘Scarlet,’ disease free plants that produce thousands of velvety scarlet blossoms all season;  ‘Pink Supreme,’ an especially long bloomer of bubble-gum pink blooms, and ‘Amber,’ a truly stunning plant.  Each bush is covered in masses of soft orange yellow blooms, aging to soft pink with a blush of peach.   Up to 45 flowers and developing buds can be produced on a single stem.  A truly stunning plant.


Flower Carpet Roses are simple to grow and easy to maintain, requiring no spraying in the landscape. Simply cut back to 1/3rd its size once in late Winter or early Spring. All Flower Carpet roses are “self-cleaning” and require no fancy pruning or deadheading.  Plant 2-3 per square yard, for ground cover. For a stunning display, plant 13 in 3 square yards. Plant 24 inches apart to establish boundaries. Can be planted anytime during Spring, Summer or Fall.

‘Home Run.’   Superb rose that has non-stop deep red blossoms on disease free foliage.  3 1/2” flowers cover shrubs all season.  It forms a dense, well-branched, compact shrub to 3’.  Shade tolerant too.


‘Iceberg.’  This classic is considered the best white shrub rose of all time!  Long, pointed buds open to fragrant white flowers touched with pink in the center. The flowers are excellent cut as they have marvelous keeping qualities and are delightfully fragrant.  The explosion of blossoms begins in spring and continues well into fall.  Plants usually reach 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide.  Voted ‘Best in the World’ in 1983.


‘Knock Out.’  True total blackspot resistance is a reality now.  Rounded, bushy and  well-behaved, this sparkling gem will perk up the landscape with lots of bright cherry single flowers and loads of nearly blue-green leaves.  Winner of the most prestigious rose award, the 2000 All-American Rose Selection.  Tolerates SHADE. Blooms well in only 3 hours of sun.


‘Lady Elsie May.’  Masses of coral pink blooms from spring till frost.  Delicately scented flowers are generously spread all over the plant.  Disease resistant lush waxy foliage.  Low growing, only 30-35”, spreads 2’.  Vigorous grower.  2005 All American Selections winner.


‘Livin Easy.’  Vibrant, bright and bold orange, semi-double blooms with a fruity fragrance continually appear.  Extremely disease resistance.  All American Selections Winner and winner of many international top awards.  Grows 4’ tall and wide.


‘Rainbow Knock Out Rose.’  Vibrant color, profuse blooming and disease resistance makes this beauty one of the best.  It covers itself with pink-orange buds that open to coral pink blooms painted with rich yellow at the base.  Blossoms transform to light coral as they age.  Radiant in full bloom when the rainbow of stunning colors of buds, new flowers and mature blossoms appear at once.  Rainbow produces more flowers and is more disease resistant than others roses in the series.  Blossoms continue on and on all summer well into late autumn.  Grows 3 feet tall and wide.  An added bonus, is its delicious sweet scent.  Honored with the prize of 2007 All American Selection’s Winner by the American Rose Society for its outstanding qualities. 


'The Fairy' Polyantha Rose.  2x4'; small double pink flowers produced in profuse clusters, repeat bloomer; glossy box-like foliage; compact; good for hedging; prune hard every other year.


‘Sunny Knockout.’  Bright  yellow, fragrant blossoms appear continually late spring through fall.  Great disease  resistant foliage.   3-4’ tall and wide.


‘White Out.’  Everblooming  pristine white flowers.  Shrubs are very disease resistant.  Grows 3’ tall and wide.


'Wing Ding' Polyantha Rose.  Masses of small double red flowers are produced in profuse clusters.  Compact shrub that grows 18’ tall.  Excellent for a small hedge.  Prune hard every other year.




‘Barbara Bush.’  Coral pink flowers give off a wonderful fragrance.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season with an occasional repeat later in the season.  Height 4’.


‘Cherry Parfait’ Grandiflora All American Selections winner.  White petals with a broad red edge create a luscious treat.  The everblooming blossoms are accented by its dark, disease free foliage.  Grows 5’ tall and 3’ wide.


‘Chihuly’ Floribunda.  Named for the famous glass artisan, this rose has the impeccable style and beauty of a piece of fine art.  The petals are subtly striped apricot yellow to dazzling orange and deep red, producing a remarkable display against the dark green leaves and mahogany-red new growth. 


‘Cinco de Mayo’ Floribunda Rose.  Wave after wave of massive clusters of festive, multi-toned flowers containing every shade of red, orange, smoky lavender, magenta and more!  Each blossom is an indescribably unique and amazing.  The sweet fresh-cut apple fragrance is a wonderful bonus.  Works great as a low hedge or in containers.  As a mass planting the festival of colors is breathtaking.  Grows 3’ tall.  Very disease resistant, thriving with little or no care.  2009 All American Rose Selections Winner.


‘Crimson Bouquet’  Grandiflora Rose.  Dazzling—superb form, velvety vivid garnet red petals showing off in clusters of 5 or more. Light sweet fragrance.   Compact with disease resistant dark foliage.   Reaches 3’- 4’ tall and wide. An AARS winner.


‘Day Breaker’ Floribunda.  This champion has intriguing displays of yellow blending to pink and apricot blossoms against dark, glossy green foliage.   The large dawn colored blossoms have a sweet, tea fragrance  and are delightful cut.  2004 AARS winner.


‘Double Delight’ Hybrid Tea.  A striking bicolor with white petals brushed with a rich red.  Huge 5” flowers have strong stems and a spicy aroma.  Disease resistant bush grows 4’ tall.  All American Rose Selection Winner.


‘Dream Come True’ Grandiflora A stunning sight of catchy colors.  Produces flawlessly formed yellow blossoms, blushed with ruby red at the tips, all set amongst matte green foliage.  Mild tea fragrance, with long stemmed, long lived, large, 5 inch blooms.  Excellent disease resistance.  2008 All American Rose Selection winner. 


‘Elle’ Hybrid Tea.  Fabulous classic blooms o soft shades of apricot, cream and pink make this All American Selections Winner.  It’s compact size makes it perfect for containers or small spaces.  Wonderful fragrance.  Grows 3’ tall and 2 l/2’ wide.


‘Europeana’ Floribunda Rose.  The extraordinary clusters of seductive dark red double blossoms and  deep green foliage has established the high benchmarks that no other red Floribunda has approached.  American Rose Selection Winner.  A compact 2-3’ shrub.


‘First Prize’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Its huge pointed buds spiral open to shimmering pink flowers.  It lives up to its name by setting the standard for classical Hybrid Tea form.


‘Fragrant Cloud’ Hybrid Tea.  Deep coral red, highly scented and very free flowering.  Excellent all-round rose.


‘French Lace.’  Ivory to light apricot buds spiral open to classic white blooms of exquisite form.   Height 3-4’.


‘Gemini’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  This sublime 2000 AARS winner boast excellent flower form, luscious color and strong vigor.  As blossoms mature, coral intensifies, adding to the beauty of this trouble-free rose.  Reaches 5 1/2’ tall.  Glossy dark green foliage.  Light sweet fragrance.



‘Grandma’s Blessing’ Garden Art Easy Elegance Grandiflora.  Resembling a hybrid tea, with large, full dusty-pink blossoms.  Vase shaped form and dark green disease resistant foliage.  Makes and elegant, low hedge.  Own root.  Reaches 1 1/2’ tall.


'Honey Perfume’ Floribunda Rose.  Massive clusters of apricot yellow blooms with an irresistible spicy scent appear non-stop all season. This Floribunda also has excellent resistance to rust and powdery mildew. It’s outstanding garden performance has earned ‘Honey Perfume’ the 2004 All American Rose Society’s top honors, a Gold Medal in Barcelona, Spain and a Silver in Genova, Italy.


‘Hot Cocoa’  Floribunda Rose.  Stunning displays of silk-like blooms, their petals shaded a smoky-chocolaty-orange to dark red with a deep rust orange reverse.  A moderate fruity fragrance and dark, glossy, green foliage.


‘John F. Kennedy’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Buds have faint touch of apple green; open to sparkling, pure white, fragrant blooms


‘Just Joey’.  Large classic buds, often 6’ wide.  Buff orange to soft apricot open into very large ruffled apricot flowers with a strong fruity fragrance.  Medium rounded plant with large glossy green leaves.


‘Love and Peace’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Glowing buds of brilliant red open to become rich 5” carmine pink flowers with golden yellow centers.  The sweetly scented blooms are held on strong stems that are ideal for cutting.  Very resistant to black spot and mildew.  AARS winner.


‘Mardi Gras’ Floribunda Rose.  Flamboyant blooms in a novel blend of pink, orange, and yellow, and a delicate scent.  A strong repeat bloomer with very good heat resistance.  Use as a specimen or hedge.  2008 All American Selections Winner.


‘Mr. Lincoln’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Considered by many as the best red hybrid tea ever!  Rich maroon buds open to velvety, high-centered full double flowers of unfading lively red.  The exceptionally fragrant, long lasting blooms profusely flower all summer.  Great for cutting.  All American Rose Selection Winner.


‘Nearly Wild’ Floribunda Rose.  3'; compact shrub rose; large single pink flowers with shiny  yellow stamens all season, good for landscaping.


‘Nicole’ Floribunda.  She’s an exotic beauty of white with shades of red on the tip of each petal.  The shades of red can be pale all the way to carmine.  Large clusters of lush blossoms are a never ending supply of fresh flowers.


‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ Floribunda Rose 5% of the proceeds from this graciously blooming rose goes to the Hispanic College Fund.  Named for this inspirational saint, this beauty sets clusters of dark pink buds that unfurl to silvery pink blooms throughout summer. 2’-3’ high. 


‘Peace’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Unbelievable lavish, 6” soft yellow edged with pink blooms are abundantly produced all season.  The flowers last a remarkable long time, both on the plant and when cut.  Many say this is the finest Hybrid Tea ever produced and even go so far as to say that it is the Rose of the Century.  All American Rose Selection Winner, voted ‘Best in the World’ in 1976.


‘Perfect Moment’ Hybrid Tea.  Flamboyant blossoms of deep yellow edged in red make a stunning showpiece for any garden.  Good disease resistance.


‘Perfume Delight.’  This rich, deep rose-pink beauty produces elegent buds that open to large, fully double blooms.  Long stems make this a great rose for cutting.  Very strong old damask rose scent.  Heavy repeat bloomer.  Height 4-5’.


‘Pascali’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Few roses achieve the worldwide acclaim that Pascali still holds.  This beauty is famed for its continually produced long lasting white flowers.  It is exceptionally vigorous and disease resistant.  The dark green, leathery foliage is an added bonus.  All American Rose Selection Winner, Royal Horticulture Society Award of Merit, and voted ‘Best in the World’ in 1969.


‘Pink Promise’ Hybrid Tea Rose.   You will be wondering what great deeds you performed to earn such a spectacular reward—armloads of deliciously scented, brilliant pink, long-stemmed roses.  The large flowers are set off by its velvety, deep green foliage.  Excellent disease resistance is an added bonus.  The National Breast Cancer Foundation selected this rose to officially represent a continual blooming promise of compassion and awareness. For every ‘Pink Promise’ plant purchased, a percentage of the sales will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  2009 All American Rose Selections Winner.     


‘Pope John Paul II.’  Luminous, pure white rose with a crisp refreshing fragrance.  Specifically chosen by the Vatican to honor John Paul II and is planted in the Vatican gardens.  Height 4-5’.


‘Queen Elizabeth’ Grandiflora Rose.  A multiple award winner, it has received the highest ratings in its class.  Non-stop, luxuriant pink flowers are produced all season.  All American Rose Selection Winner, voted ‘Best in the World’ in 1954.


‘Rainbow Sorbet’ Floribunda.  Edged in deep pink, this golden yellow beauty blooms early and abundantly - and continues all season long.  Remarkable disease resistance and very winter hardy.  And AARS winner.  Reaches 4’- 5’ tall.  Light sweet fragrance.  Very glossy, medium green foliage.  


‘Rio Samba’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Sets your landscape ablaze! This luminous beauty is a garden standout. No other rose matches its flaming yellow petals splashed with vivid red-orange – no wonder it won top All-America Rose Selections honors when it debuted in 1993. The plants are non stop bloomers with a constantly changing  display of colors.


‘Secret’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Beautiful coral pink flowers with and alluring fragrance of spice and fruit.  Medium green, semi-glossy foliage.  1994 AARS winner.  Reaches 4’ tall. 


‘Sedona.’  Each bud echoes the beautifully sculpted layers of red rocks as it slowly opens to reveal flawless flowers in shades of oranges, reds and corals.  Height 3’.


‘Sexy Rexy.’  Tremendous cluster of very fully petaled, medium-pink, ruffled blooms.  Produces abundance of flowers with a fruit aroma for fresh-cut bouquets all summer.  Height 4’.


‘St. Patrick’ Hybrid Tea.  1996 AARS winner. Slow opening rose that takes the heat. Large pointed buds open to big yellow blooms with a tinge of green.


‘Strike it Rich’ Grandiflora.  2007 All American Selections winner.  Magnificent 5” fully luscious golden-yellow with orange-pink highlights.  Highly fragrant, long-lasting, disease resistant and sets blooms abundantly over a long season.


‘Sunsprite’ Floribunda.  Many consider this the best yellow floribunda available.  Cherished for its large, flat, double sunny yellow blooms with a strong scent of cinnamon toast, and its disease-resistant foliage.  Grows 3’ tall and wide.


‘Tahitian Sunset’  Hybrid Tea.  2006 All America Rose Selections Winner!  With a delightful licorice scent, these splendid blossoms start from orange-yellow buds that open fully to a peach apricot-pink, aglow with yellow highlights.  Reaches 5’ tall. 


‘Tiffany’  Hybrid Tea Rose.  Long, pointed, phlox pink buds unfold into high-centered, double blooms on strong stems.  Delicate sweet fragrance.  Reaches 4’.  An AARS winner.


‘Touch of Class’  Hybrid Tea Rose.   Adored for its spiraled pink blossoms suffused with coral and cream.  Petals are slightly ruffled.  Its great form and beautiful blooms has made it one of the top-rated exhibition roses of all time.


‘Tournament of Roses’ Grandiflora.  AARS winner 1989.  So fabulous it was named after the 100th anniversary of the Pasadena New Year roses and football celebration.  Bright pink flowers with darker reverse.


‘Traviata’ Hybrid Tea.  Fragrant, luscious deep red blossoms are fully double, sturdy and long-lasting.  Incredible disease resistant foliage makes it one of the best Hybrid Teas.   


‘Tropicana’ Hybrid Tea Rose.  Exceptionally vigorous plants are covered with long stemmed, coral and orange blend flowers with an intense fruity fragrance.  This beloved rose has won more awards than any rose in history, 12 international awards and the All American Rose Selection.


‘Tuscan Sun’ Floribunda Rose.  Bronze-blushed blooms, finishing in a unusual coppery pink.  Blossoming in generous clusters on long, sturdy stems.  Upright, well-branched habit, glossy dark-green foliage, and excellent disease resistance.  Reaches 3 1/2’ - 4’ tall.  Light, spicy fragrance. 


‘Veterans’ Honor.’  Hybrid Tea Rose.  One of the most magnificent red roses ever is a fitting tribute to the men and women who’ve served our country. Plump buds unfurl into huge, blossoms in a bright, true red. Flowers can last up to two weeks in the vase! Height 5’




Small flowered roses with proportionately smaller foliage, often

very compact in habit, stems are also shorter but still suitable for cutting.  Profuse flowering.


‘Baby Darling.’  Delightful coral/apricot flowers. 


Beauty Secret.’  This little beauty produces loads of long elegant cherry buds atop a mounded bushy prolific plant.  Kelly green foliage sets off her lovely show.  Moderate fruity fragrance.  14-20”.


‘Chipper’.  Bright coral pink flowers all season.


‘Feisty.’  Cluster after cluster of sweet-scented, rosy red flowers are followed by orange hips in fall.  Grows to 30”.  Sweet, light apple blossom scent.


‘Green Ice.’  Pink buds open to whitish pink blooms, becoming light green as they age.  Disease resistant and vigorous.  Can be trained as a climber and is perfect for hanging baskets.  8”x16”.


‘Hot Tamale.’  Sizzling orange-red blooms with bright golden reserve on perfect miniature hybrid tea form.  24”.  Blooms have 35-40 petals and light, sweet scent.


‘Lemon Fluff.’  Small yellow roses that repeat throughout the summer.


‘Party Lights.’  Loads of bright, coral blooms with a creamy reverse.  These lush, tidy bedding roses enliven limited spaces and pack containers with exhilarating, non-stop color and dense, maintenance free foliage.  Reaches 12” - 18” tall and wide.   Light spicy fragrance. 


‘Petite Folie.’  Striking red blossoms.


‘Starina.’  The highest rated mini to date.  Warm orange buds open to well-formed deep reddened-orange flowers.  The easy to grow rounded plant has glossy dark green leaves.  12-18”.  Classic hybrid tea-type bloom form.


‘Sundrop.’  Beloved mini with shimmering yellow flowers.



Perennial Common Name Cross Reference Guide