Ornamental Grasses


for Specific Purposes


‘Adagio’ Maidenhair Grass, Miscanthus.  A superb dwarf maiden grass with excellent flowers

that emerge pink then turn white. 2-4’. Designated a Missouri Botanical Garden ‘Plant of Merit’ for its outstanding qualities.

‘Gracillimus’ Maidenhair Grass, Miscanthus.  4-5’ upright, arching stalks with feathery stalks

with feathery creamy flowers in September. A graceful beauty that tolerates a wet spot.

‘Morning Light’ Maidenhair Grass, Miscanthus.  4’. Quite fine blades with distinct variegtion of green and white stripes. Combines well with glaucous plants and other pastels. Flowers in Oct.

‘Variegatus’ Maidenhair Grass, Miscanthus. 6-7’ graceful upright clumps of silvery green foliage edged pure white. Pinkish panicles in mid-summer fading to tan. Drought tolerant. Lovely in winter.

‘Strictus’ Maidenhair Grass, Miscanthus. 6-8’ blades have a distinctive gold horizontal band. Stiff and upright. A striking specimen.

Plume Grass, Erianthus ravennae. 9-12’ arching green leaves with white stripe down the middle. Silvery-gray plumes in fall. Good fall color. A striking specimen.

‘Heavy Metal’ Switch Grass, Panicum virgatum. 5’ strongly upright, unusually durable ornamental grass. remarkable powder-blue foliage turns yellow in fall. Airy clouds of flowers remain throughout the winter. Thrives in any soil.



Corkscrew Rush, Juncus effusus spiralis. 1’ dark green leaves curl like a corkscrew. Prefers a moist area. Great conversation piece.

Blue Fescue, Festuca. 10” silvery-blue blades. Color holds up well throughout the


‘Ice Dance’ Carex. Compact tufts 1/2” wide dark green leaves with clear white borders. Excellent low maintenance groundcover. Striking with large leaved plants.

Purple Fountain Grass, Pennisetum rubrum. 4’ striking ornamental grass with red blades and flowers. Drought tolerant. Tender perennial.



Quaking Grass, Brizia. 6-8” tall with dark green leaves. 2-3’ rattlesnake-like spikelets that quake in the slightest breeze. Young spikelets are pale green turning tan at maturity.

Oat Grass, Arrhenatherum. Variegated green grass with cream colored margins. Does well in sun or shade. 12-15”.

Northern Sea Oats, Chasmanthium latifolium. Narrow, slightly arching plants 30-36” tall. Flowers in summer. The flat green seed heads hand on slender stems and persist into winter turning reddish bronze. Good for full sun or shade. U.S. native.

‘Red Baron’ Japanese Blood Grass, Imperata cylindrica. Bold red from mid-blades to tip. Color intensifies towards late summer and fall. 18”. Spreads rapidly.

Ribbon Grass, Phalaris. 18-24”. Striped green and white blades that thrives in sun or shade. An aggressive grass that is good for difficult areas where nothing else will grow. Good for slopes.

Prairie Dropseed Grass, Sporobolus heterolepsis. 3-6’ emerald-green leaves give

a fountain effect. Very attractive. Tolerant of dry soils. Native prairie grass.


Oat Grass, Arrhenatherum. See previous page.

Northern Sea Oats, Chasmanthium latifolium. See previous page.

Ribbon Grass, Phalaris. See previous page.

Sedge, Carex. Wide, stripped foliage that arch gracefully to the ground. Excellent with large leafed Hosta. Likes a moist, shady spot.

Hakonecholoa. 1-2’ bright yellow-green variegated foliage. Wonderful companion to

large blue hosta.



‘Karl Foerster’ Feather Reed Grass, Calamagrosis. 5-6’ deep green upright foliage.

Showy, striking feathery flower spikes begin pink then mature to wheat-color. Excellent for drying. Can grow in heavy soil.

Maidenhair Grass, Miscanthus. See above.

Switch Grass, Panicum. See Above.

Fountain Grass, Pennisetum. 3-4’ clumps of narrow, graceful arching leaves. Dark rose flowers in summer. Grass makes perfect mound. Foliage turns golden-brown in fall. Attractive seed heads.

‘Hameln’ Dwarf Fontain Grass. Dwarf form of above with pearly white flowers. 24”.

Ribbon Grass, Phalaris. See Above.

Little Blue Stem, Schizachyrium. 2-3’ clumps of blue and green blades that turn a striking bright red in fall. Seed heads are fluffy silvery, white. Native.

Prairie Dropseed Grass, Sporobolus. See above.



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