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Giant Thailand Elephant Ears








We carry a large selection of annuals and tender perennials, from the just released new and improved varieties to the beloved classics. As new annuals are continually coming into Sugar Creek Gardens, our offering changes daily and is not listed here. Therefore, what follows is just a sampling of what is available. Please visit the nursery to learn more.


ACALYPHA wilkesiana, Copperplant.  Brilliant leaf color; grows rapidly; sun


AGAPANTHUS africanus, Lily of the Nile.  2’; tender perennial with dark purple flowers and strap-like foliage.  Lift and store bulbs for winter.  Or over winter potted agapanthus in a frost free environment.


AGAVE ‘Kisso Kan.’  Lucky Crown, Century Plant.  This rare dwarf Agave is a popular Japanese selection that is now becoming in high demand from collectors in the US.  Unlike many Agaves which grow to be huge specimens, ‘Kissho Kan’ stays small, eventually growing only about a foot high.  Its smaller size makes it ideal for growing in patio pots and troughs with other succulents.  The plant forms a remarkably symmetrical, round rosette of soft blue-grey to blue-green leaves with clean ivory, toothed margins.  Spines line the margins of each leaf.  The spines emerge yellow, transition to light brown, and then finally age to cinnamon brown.  The thick and rigid leaves are tough as nails, almost plastic-like to the touch, so you can be sure that deer and other pests won’t touch this plant.  Another common name for this plant is Dwarf Variegated Butterfly Agave.  Grows 15" tall and 18" wide.  A tender perennial that makes a great house plant.   


ALOCASIA, Taro.  Sun.

‘Metallica’:  quilted, shiny, metallic green-purple foliage.  A robust grower.  Excellent in containers and water gardens.  48” tall.


ALSOPHILA australis, Australian Tree Fern.  Bright-green broad fonds are finely cut, spreading from a slender trunk.  Not hardy, may be overwintered in doors.


ALTERNANTHERA, Joseph’s Coat.  6” low growing mat with gold foliage.  Sun.


AMARYLLIS. Huge trumpets of red, white, pink, stripped and others brushed with color appear in late fall into spring. 18-24". Read more here.


ANGELONIASun.  A kind of summer orchid.  One of our new favorite annuals!  Masses of pink, blue, white or purple and white snapdragon like flowers appear all summer.  Thrives in heat and humidity.  Grows 18-24”.  sun.


ANISODONTEA x hypomandarum, South African Mallow.  Sun; upright tender evergreen shrub.  Pink, hibiscus-like flowers appear year-round.  Will bloom throughout winter in a sunny window.


ANTIRRHINUM, Snapdragons.  Sun; 12-18"; excellent long blooming annual.  Mixed


‘Trailing Lampion Series.’  Eye-catching, trailing plant.  Terrific for hanging baskets and containers.  Superior outdoor performance.


APTENIA, Baby Sun Rose.  Tender perennial; fast growing succulent with distinctive purple-red flowers; sun; excellent low growing trailer


ARGERANTHEMUM, Marguerite Daisy.  Sun; valued for profusion of bloom over a long period.  Thrives in the heat.  Yellow or white daisies. 2'.  Proven Winners.

‘Butterfly.’  Sunny yellow.

‘Comet Pink.’  oOtstanding pink flowers, even in summer heat.

‘Nickolson’s White.’  White flowers all summer.

‘Sugar Baby.’  White; perfectly compact and very heavy blooming.


ASCLEPIAS curassavica. Blood Flower.  Umbels of vivid orange-red flowers on tropical sub-shrub attracts butterflies and feeds their larvae.  Incredibly fast growing to 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.  Cut back if desired, for fresh growth and rebloom.  Ornamental pods form in late summer.  Grow in full sun in average to moist soil.  Zone 9. 


ASPARAGUS densiflorous ‘Myers,’ Pony Tail Fern.  Thick green arching, dense, cattail-like tufts of finely textured foliage.  Insignificant flowers.  Excellent to grow outside in shade, bring indoors in winter.


ASTERISCUS ‘Gold Coin.’  Tender perennial with golden daisy flowers; sun; 1’.


AUBTILON, Flowering Maple.  Sun; handsome mound of graceful stems with rich green maple-like foliage; drooping bell-like flowers appear throughout the year; tender shrub; may be overwintered indoors.


BACOPA (SUTERA)Sun.  Profuse tiny white, pink or purple flowers cover plants all summer.  Excellent in containers, hanging baskets or in flower beds.  Unique and outstanding.


BEGONIA.  Shade to part shade.

Angel Wing.’  spectacular large wing shaped foliage of bright colors!

Anthole.’   A Large bold textured leaves with velvety red cast and white flowers.  Rare.  Reaches 18” tall and 24 “ wide.  Hardy to zone 9.

‘Charm.’  Partial shade.  Bright green waxy leaves splashed with gold.  Single pink flowers.  Excellent for pots or baskets.

‘Non Stop Series.’  Partial shade.  Tuberous begonia blooms continuously in a range of colors - red, yellow, scarlet, salmon-pink, golden-orange.  Deer resistant.

‘Sophie Cecile.’  Superb pink flowering variety with large, very deeply cut leaves.

partita Unusual and interesting tropical perennial with finely cut leaves. The ornamental base makes it a perfect choice for indoor bonsai or house plant.  White flowers.  Easy to grow, compact, to about 12”.

x richmondensis Richmond Begonia.  Mild sun to filtered shade.  Shrub-like variety  to 2'.  Profuse salmon-pink flowers.

x semperflorens - assorted.  Partial shade. 12-15"; green foliage with double flowers in a variety of colors.


BOUGAINVILLEA.  Sun; tender, vigorous vine that blooms profusely over a long period.  Excellent for baskets and containers.  May be wintered indoors.


BRACHYCOME multifida dilata, Cut Leaf Daisy.  Sun or part shade.  Tender perennial to 12" with 3' spread.  1" blue, yellow, white, pink or purple flowers all summer.


BRACTEANTHA (formerly Helichrysum) Strawflower.  Sun; annual sub-shrub of mixed flowers.  Drought tolerant.  Good for containers and baskets.

‘Golden Buttons.’  Small flowers on top of a silvery ground cover-like foliage.  Versatile.  Takes full sun and landscape abuse.

Matilda Yellow.’  Improved for flower color, habit and earliness.  A clean, clear, golden yellow.  Compact, suitable for pots and 10” baskets.


BRANDEGEANA justicia, Shrimp Plant.  Dark green foliage with very large leaves; displays the rusty red shrimp shaped flowers at base of each shoot; plant in full sun; keep moist and feed   every two week.


BROWALIA.  Partial shade; lovely star shaped blue flowers all summer.  Outstanding for shady borders, pots and hanging baskets.


BRUGMANSIA, Angel’s Trumpet, Datura.  Sun.  Shrubs or small trees with enormous and wonderfully fragrant, trumpet shaped flowers which hang from the branches like fluted bells.  Excellent in containers.  Easily overwintered indoors in a sunny window, or may be put in a low

light area where it will go dormant for winter.  Water occasionally in winter if allowed to go dormant.

White.’  Long trumpets, 3 to 4 inches in length, are intensely fragrant all summer long.  Grow in full sun.  At maturity, can reach 5 to 6 feet.  Bring in for the winter.  Zone 9.

'Purple Petticoats.’  Also known as Angle’s Trumpet.  Large, double, purple and white flowers.  Grows to 3’ tall and 2’ wide.  Grow in full sun to part shade.  Hardy to zone 9.

‘Snowbank.’  Fragrant, peach colored blooms o immense proportions drop from some of the most brilliant and broadly margined foliage you have ever seen.  Tender shrub reaching 5 feet tall.  Grow in full sun to part shade.  Hardy to zone 8.


BULBINE fruticosa ‘Hallmark.’  Orange Rock Lily.  A clumping perennial with narrow, foot-long succulent foliage.  Produces numerous orange flower spikes that reach several inches above the leaves.  Grow in full sun to part shade in well drained soil.  Zone 9.  ANNUAL.


CALADIUM.  Shade; 12-18"; showy leaves of pink, white red or green.  Excellent in containers.  Does not like cold rains.  May be over-wintered indoors.  Allow plants to go dormant in fall.

‘Candidum.’  Outstanding variety with large snow white leaves, deeply veined with green.

‘Fanny Munson.’  Bright pink foliage with spotted green edging.

‘Florida Roselight.’  Soft pink leaves with non-uniform rose pink brush strokes and speckles.

‘Gingerland’.’ Dwarf.  Sun tolerant, cream-white with green edges and spatters of dark red.

‘Miss Muffet.’  Dwarf.  Leaves are lime green marked with wine-red splotches and white veins.

‘White Queen.’  White soft green shading toward the outside and deep green margins, veined with red.


CALIBRACBOA.  Sun; loaded with fragrant small trumpet flowers all summer.  Excellent in combinations.  Many and colors available, including ‘Million Bells’, ‘Colorburst’ and Liricashower.’ 


Calla Lily.  Grow in moist, fertile soil rich in organic matter, in full sun to mostly sun.  Noonday shade is good. Plants flower best if watered regularly.  Over winter indoors, letting bulbs dry between watering and go dormant, be careful to not over water during this time.  Replant rhizomes 3 to 4 inches deep and 12 inches apart in spring after danger of frost.


CANNA.  Bold foliage plant for full sun.  Excellent water plant. Water depth up to 10” over top of pot.  One of our favorites is:

‘Pretoria,’ ‘Bengal Tiger.’  Bright orange flowers over dramatically striped green, cream and yellow leaves with a narrow maroon edge.  3’ tall. 

‘Tropicana.’  Amazing foliage of green, red, and hints of gold and purple.  Rich salmon orange flowers.  Long blooming, summer to autumn.  Reaches 6’ tall, and 2’ wide.

‘Tropicana Gold.’  Striped foliage in yellow and green.  Long blooming, orange flowers. 


CAREX phylocephalla ‘Sparkler.’  Variegated grass looks like miniature palm trees.  Foliage is striped with pure white.  Reaches 10”-15” tall and wide. Zone 7b-10.


CHRYSANTHEMUM frutescens, Marguerite Daisy or Boston Daisies.  Sun. evergreen tender perennial. 2-4', depending upon variety.  Pink, yellow or white daisies bloom over a long period.  Excellent in containers.  Deer resistant.


CITRUS.  Sun.  Sun-loving trees.  Can be overwintered indoors.

limon ‘Improved Meyer,’ Lemon Tree.  Sun; excellent foliage and fragrant flowers. 

Produces round, full sized thin skinned juicy lemons year round.  Excellent house plant.

‘Variegata,’ Variegated Lemon Tree.  The creamy-margined foliage is strikingly beautiful; an outstanding plant for the patio container and conservatory.  Especially fragrant in bloom.  Fruits are usable.  Hardy to zone 9.  Grows rapidly to 8’ - 10’. 


CLEOME, Spider Plant.  Large airy flowers of pink, white or violet grace the garden all summer.  will reseed for years of plants.  Many varieties available including all the new dwarfs.  12-36”.


CLERODENDRON ugadensis, Butterfly Plant.  Unusual tender perennial with two tone ‘butterfly-like’ flowers of violet blue and pale blue all season.  Erect tropical plant that makes a great house plant.  Excellent in mixed containers.  Sun.

bungei ‘Pink Diamond.’  Large variegated leaves show 4 different colors of green and white, with flowers that start with a red color, and open to pink, reminding one of a variegated lacecap hydrangea.  Reaches 30” tall.  Very fragrant, attracts butterflies. Sun to semi-shade.


COLEUS partial shade; tender perennial with multi-colored foliage.  Great for borders or


‘Kong Series.’  Unique huge leaves in a multitude of vibrant colors.  Compact and well branched.  Performs best and shows more color in full shade.  Can be used as an indoor potted plant in bright light locations. 


COLOCASIA, Taro, Elephant Ears:  part shade.  Excellent water plants with bold, dramatic foliage.  Wonderful for mixed containers. Water depth 1-6” over top of pot.

esculentaHuge, rich green, heart-shaped leaves bring a lush tropical look to ornamental containers or the garden.  48” tall, 36” wide.

‘Black Magic.  One of the true “blacks” of the plant world, this exotic form of  Taro has huge black leaves.  Moisture loving, can sit in water.  Excellent in containers.  Can over-winter bulbs inside.

‘Illustris.’  Dark gray to black leaves are highlighted with lime green edges.  A striking accent in flower borders or containers.  36-60” tall, 24-36” wide.

‘Thailand Giant’  Giant Elephant Ears.  For those of you who want to impress everyone you know with your gifted gardening skills, you must grow ‘Thailand Giant.’   This monster will give you leaves in excess of 5’.   And here’s the great part—you really don’t have to do much—just throw it into the ground, water well, and watch the magic unfold.  You’ll be entertained by watching your family and friends’ jaws drop when they get a look at the supersized foliage and gargantuan white flower clusters.  Bulbs can be lifted and stored inside for winter. 


CONVOLVULUS mauritanicus, Ground Morning Glory.  Sun; tender perennial.  Lavender blue flowers cover this fast growing, spreading plant.


COSMOS.  Sun;  colorful full daisies bloom profusely in hot weather.  Many varieties available from short to tall.  An exceptional variety is:

astrosanguineus ‘Chocolate.’  18”; dark flowers with the scent of chocolate; lift and store bulbs for winter; tender perennial; hardy to zone 7.

peucedanifolius ‘Flamingo.’  Large lavender flowers held upright over sprawling plants.  Rarely cultivated species originating from central South America.  Very long blooming and floriferous.  Hardy to zone 8.


CUPHEA, False Heather.  Sun or partial shade.  Evergreen tender perennial that produces lavender, pink or rose flowers. 1-2' depending upon variety.


CULLUNA, Mexican Heather.  Sun.

vulgaris.  Continuous flowering, tubular pink flowers.  8-12”.  Tender perennial that may be overwintered indoors.


CYATHEA cooperi.  Australian Tree Fern.  Easy to grow.  Prefer protected, shady moist conditions but can also be grown in part shade.  Reaches 20’ tall and 15’ wide in a matter of years.    Lacy, highly ornamental foliage.  Native to Australia.  Apex of trunk and unfurling crosiers are particularly attractive, covered as they are with conspicuous long, silky, straw colored scales. 


CYNARA cardunuculus, Cardoon.  A bold, thistle-like plant with silvery, sharply indented, prickly leaves.  Excellent accent plant in the garden or in containers. Requires excellent soil drainage.  36” tall and wide.


CYPERUS, Palm Umbrella Plant.  Tender water plants that can be over-wintered indoors.

alternifolius.  Whorls of bright green foliage tops 4-5’ stalks.  Stunning, striking, unique and must have describe it best! 

alternifolius ‘Nana.’  Dwarf form of above.


CYPERUS, Variegated Papyrus.  Sun.  Tender water plant that may be over-wintered indoors.

‘Variegatus’:  bold white variegated umbrella-like foliage.  STRIKING!


DAHLIA.  Sun to part shade; mixed colors on 12" plants.  Excellent as pot plant or in the garden.

‘Fascination.’  Deep pink flowers bloom atop dark green foliage. Wonderful compact plant for container gardening. Height 24”.

'Ferncliff Illusion' Dinnerplace Dahlia. Extremely beautiful 8" flowers are made up of multitudes of white petals tinged lilac. Grows 48-52".

‘Firepot.’  Bright orange with pink flowers are a striking addition to any garden. Blooms summer through fall. Great for container gardening.

'Kelvin Floodlight.' Massive buttery yellow blossoms with swirls of petals with pointed tip create monster sized 10-12" flowers. Many consider it the most spectacular of all yellow Dahlias.

‘Mystery Day.’  Large 7-8” purple flowers with white tips. Great variety for large container gardening. If in smaller containers the plant will need pinching. Height 40”.


DELPHINIIUM, Larkspur.  Sun to part shade; early summer blooming annual that produces spikes of lavender, pink or white. 24-36".  Will reseed for years of flowers.


DIASCIA, Sun Chimes.  Bright pink, peach and rose flowers spring until fall.  Great for pots, hanging baskets and combination pots.


DIANTHUS annual; sun; fragrant showy blooms all summer


DICKSONIA antarctica, Tasmanian Tree Fern.  Many 3-5’ fronds arch from trunks which can attain 15’.  Slow growing.  Excellent in containers.  Medium to deep shade.  Not hardy.  Great house plant.


DOLICHOS lablab, Hyacinthia Beansun to partial shade.  Beautiful vine with violet flowers, ornamental seed pods and showy foliage.  Designated a Missouri Botanical Garden Plant of Merit for its outstanding qualities.


DRACAENA indivisa, Spike.  Erect habit.  A favorite for pots or as an accent in combination planters.


DURANTA ‘Gold Edge.’  A perennial native of the Southern U.S. with dark green serrated leaves and wide gold margins.  Wisteria-like purple flowers followed by golden berries in summer.    A good container plant that is very striking.  Grow in sun to part shade.


ECHEVARIA.  Interesting and unusual succulents that are standouts in container gardens. 

nodulosa.  A succulent with branched 1 to 2 foot long branched stems that lay over horizontally or arch slightly upward bearing 5 inch rosettes of absinth green pointed leaves that are slightly concave above and keeled below and are vividly marked with red on the margins and the mid leaf.  Pale yellow flowers appear in summer.  Plant in extremely well drained soil in full sun to part shade.  Hardy to zone 8b.

rosea.  Grows to 1 to 2 feet tall and wide, producing flowers with intense red bracts.  Grow in full to part sun in extremely well drained soil.  Hardy to zone 9.

ruyonii.   A fast growing rosette-forming succulent with pale blue-gray leaves that curve upwards and are strongly inversely keeled on the lower surface with leaf tips inwards toward the center of the plant.  Bright orange and yellow flowers rise above the foliage in late summer.  Grow in full sun to part shade in well drained soil.  Hardy to zone 8.

‘The Rose.’  Thick sculpted leaves form a metallic ruffled ‘rose blossom’  up to 6 inches in diameter.  Perfect specimen plant in a container.  Good as a house plant.  Grow in full in well drained soil.  Do not over fertilize.  Hardy to zone 9.


ESCHSCHOLZIA californica, California Poppy.  Fernlike foliage with multitudes of yellow and orange flowers.  Easy to grow in full sun.


EURYOPS.  Sun; tender evergreen shrub with yellow-daisy like flowers. 3-4'.  Excellent container plant.  Will bloom throughout winter in a sunny window.


EUSTOMA grandiflorum, Lisianthus.  Sun.  Annual 12-16" with pink, white to blue flowers.  Excellent cut flower and in containers.


EVOLVULUS nuttallianus, Blue Daze.  Sun; tender perennial to 6" with 2' spread.  Continuous display of blue flowers.  Excellent in containers and baskets.


FELICIA amelloides, Blue Margueite.  Sun; tender evergreen shrub to 18 ". Blue daisy-like flowers.  Good for color accent, containers or borders.


FICUS pumila quercifolia.  Easy to grow and very attractive.  Perfect for shady fairy gardens.  Very tiny, creeping, ivy-leaved plant.  Hardy to zone 8.  Bring indoors for easy and attractive houseplant.


FUSHSIA.  Wonderful plants with bell shaped flowers.  Needs protection from afternoon sun and wind.  Keep well watered.


GAILLARDIA pulchella, Blanket Flower.  Sun; 12-14"; plants are covered with 2" ball-shaped red blooms all summer.  All American Selections Winner.


GARDENIA, jasminoides ‘Veitchii,’ Everblooming Gardenia.  Sun.  This upright dense grower 4' high, 3' wide has free flowering nature producing many sweetly fragrant white flowers during the warm season.  Wonderful house plant.

‘First Love.’  Wonderfully fragrant double white 4”-5” blooms are larger than any other Gardenia.  A superb evergreen accent shrub or container item.  Full to part sun.  Compact grower to 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide. 


GAZANIIA.  Sun; tender perennial to 10" of compact habit.  Wide range of colors.  Loves the heat.


GELSEMIUM  ‘Margarita.’  Hardy Jasmine Vine.  Hardy to zone 6.  A profuse display of clear yellow trumpet flowers in early summer with semievergreen foliage. A superior seedling selected for its larger, more prominent flowers.  A gold medal winner from the Pennsylvania Horticultural society.  Native from Virginia to Texas to Florida.  Grow in full to part sun.


GERANIUM.  Sun; many varieties available; seed Geraniums hold up better in the humid St. Louis summers


GERBERA, Gerbera Daisy.  Sun; 8".  Strong, fast growing plants that bear 4-5" showy blooms of mixed colors.  Tender perennial.  May be over-wintered indoors.  Fertilize for best results.


GLECHOMA hederacea  ‘Variegata,’ Creeping Charlie.  Sun or shade.  Small scalloped green and white fragrant leaves cascade over pots and hanging baskets.


GRATOPHYLLUM, Caricature Plants.  Tall 36” plant with glossy green leaves that have an uneven streak of light pink and white variegation right down their mid rid, or glossy, dark-mahogany leaves with light pink variegation.  This native of New Guinea does well in the summer heat and humidity.  Sun.


EUCALYPTUS Tender perennial; round blue-green foliage; very fragrant; used for dried arrangements


HELICHRYSUM, Immortelle.  Sun; tender perennial.  An invaluable accent for containers and   edging.  A few of our favorites are:

petiolaris ‘Argentea.’  Round silver felted leaves on trailing white-woolly stems.

‘Limelight.’  Chartreuse-yellow leafed form.

‘Variegata.’  Creamy, yellow, silver and gray-green leaves.

‘Dwarf' (Plechostachys serpyllifolium).  Not a Helichrysum, but commonly referred to as such.    Tiny silver felted leaves with waxy margins create an accent plant of incredible usefulness in mixed containers.


HEMIGRAPHIS, Purple Waffle Plant.  Sun or shade; ornamental deep purple leaves; small white flowers; great for baskets and containers


HIBISCUS, mixed.  Sun; 3-4' tender shrub; produce a profusion of blooms and vigorous growth   when placed in full sun and heat and given good drainage.  May be over-wintered indoors. 


HIBISCUS tilaceus ‘Variegatus.’  Extremely rare, and interesting small tropical tree with huge speckled and spotted cordate leaves that remind one of linden, redbud, or cottonwood, only larger. Each reddish-brown, green and variegated leaf is different.  Ideal for a patio planter and indoors in a well lit room. Zone 10.


HYPOESTES, Polka Dot Plant.  Shade.  Neat, low, compact plants liberally splashed with right color.  Often grown as a houseplant.  Excellent in mixed containers.


IBOSIA.  Sun or shade; ornamental variegated foliage; wonderful companion to flowering plants; excellent for containers


IMPATIENS glutinosa, Hardy Impatiens.  Large pink and white helmet shaped flowers on robust reseeding 24-30” annual.  Shade to part shade.


IMPATIENS, assorted.  Shade to part shade.  A selection of the best cultivars.


IMPATIENS, New Guinea.  Sun to part shade.  A selection of the best cultivars.


IPOMOEA.  Sun; vigorous annual vine.

‘Heavenly Blue,’ Morning Glory.  Bright clear blue flowers.

alba, Moonflower.  Fragrant morning glory-like flowers open in the evening through early morning, shade extends bloom through early morning hours.

multifida, Cardinal Climber.  Many small red flowers like mini-morning glories, attractive deeply lobed leaves, spectacular non-stop show of color, hummingbirds love this vine!


IPOMOEA, Ornamental Sweet Potato.   Sun or partial shade; large and colorful leaves cascade from containers in seemingly endless stream all summer.

‘Blackie.’  Ebony deeply divided leaves.

Margaurite.’  Bright chartreuse leaves.

‘Tricolor.’  Variegated foliage with violet-pink blush.


IRESINE, Chicken Gizzard.  Tender perennial with purplish red leaves that are fabulous in annual containers or used as a house plant.  Native to Southern Brazil.  Can be pinched or sheared to promote bushy habit.  12-15”.  Sun.


JASMINESun; tender shrub or evergreen vine with fragrant, white, pink or yellow flowers spring through summer.  May be over-wintered indoors.


LANTANA hybrids.  Sun.  Excellent annual providing continuous color spring until fall.  Profuse flower clusters in many colors.


LINARIA maroccana ‘Fairy Bouquet’, Baby Snapdragons.  10-16”; mixed colors; an excellent filler in pots and hanging baskets; sun to part shade


LINDERNIA, Angel’s Tears.  Sun to part shade.  Small blue and white flowers, tiny green leaves for dense 1” mat as it creeps and covers soil or pots.  Blooms all summer.  Tender perennial that may be used as a house plant.


LOTUS berthelotii, Parrot's Beak.  Sun; tender evergreen perennial that makes a silver mound of soft needle-like foliage with scarlet flowers.


LYSIMACHIA, Creeping Jenny.  Cascading plant with small yellow flowers.  Sun or shade.  Excellent for baskets and in containers.  ‘Aureus’ is perennial and may be planted in a permanent location in fall.


MANDEVILLA.  Sun to part shade; tender long lived evergreen vine or shrub with profuse pink, white, red or yellow trumpet shaped flowers.  Good indoor or patio plant.  May be trained on trellis.


MELAMPODIUM cinereum, Blackfoot Daisy.  Sun; narrow 12" gray leaves topped by white daisy flowers.  Heavy blooms from April to October.


MIMULUS ‘Jelly Bean,’ Monkey Flower.  White, yellow or apricot large, vivid-colored blooms.  Excellent upright growth habit.  Thrives in heat and humidity. 


NASTURTHIUM.  Sun; vigorous trailing plants with red or yellow flowers.  Edible.  Loves the heat.  Fertilize sparingly, if at all.


NEMESIA fruticans.   Intense violet-blue or white mini-snapdragon flowers.  Subtle fragrance.  Delicate looking trailer that is very cool tolerant.  Great for hanging baskets, combinations, landscapes and window boxes.  Sun to part shade.


NIEREMBERGIA, Cup Flower.  Sun;.tender perennial.  This plant blooms profusely all summer long.  Excellent for pots, hanging baskets and the gardens edge.

‘Purple Robe.’  Deep violet blue cup shaped flowers completely cover the foliage; 6".

‘Mont Blanc.’  Same as above only white.


NICOTIANA, Flowering Tobacco.  Sun. deer resistant, attractive to butterflies.  Fragrant.

hybrids.  Sun to part shade.  Tender perennial to 18"; brightly colored trumpet- shaped blossoms.

sylvestris.  Clusters of fragrant, white, tube-shaped flowers bloom from August through frost.  The bold, coarse leaves can grow 12” wide and 24” long.  This big tobacco works well to fill gaps in front of shrubs or in groups of three at the back of the border.  Selected as a ‘Plant of Merit’ by the Missouri Botanical Gardens for its outstanding qualities.


OSTEOSPERMUM, Sun Scape Daisies.  New heat tolerant varieties have been developed that bloom all summer and into fall season.  Excellent in combination plantings.  Vigorous compact habit.  8-14”. Two of the new varieties are:

‘Lemon Symphony.’  New yellow variety that blooms even in the heat.

‘Orange Symphony.’  New orange variety—a truly orange color. 


PANDOREA jasminoides ‘Alba’, White Jasmine.  Sweetly scented white flowers.  Tropical evergreen vine.  Sun to part shade.


PELARGONIUM, Geranium.  sun; long blooming plants.

hybrids.  A selection of the best cultivars.

Ivy.  Trailing plants with showy flowers.

'Mrs. Quilter': striking red and yellow leaves, red flowers; good houseplant.


PENNISETUM setaceum 'Rubrum' Purple Fountain Grass.  Sun; clump forming tender perennial grass with rose red flower spikes to 4'.  Drought tolerant.  Striking ornamental for the landscape or containers.


‘Purple Majesty’ Pearl Millet.  Distinctly different from all other ornamentals.  It has thick, deep purple blades and stems, and cattail like plumes.  Not for the faint of heart this plant can grow 3-5’ and are topped with 12” long black flower spikes.   Young plants are green and turn purple as they mature.


PENSTEMON ‘Phoenix Red.’  Spectacular!  Luscious, large, bright red bells with white eyes hang about 12 to 18 inch stems and are in bloom all summer long.  This Penstemon was bred specifically to withstand heat.  Our owner found one last season, tested it in her garden for the St. Louis area and declared this a winner.  A late season “whacking back” created more prolific blooming into the fall.  Attracts hummingbirds.


PERILLA ‘Magilla.’  A Coleus look alike that performs well in heat and full sun.  Brilliant colors of burgundy with magenta splashes and green striping. 


PHILODENDRON ‘Pink Princess.’  Dark maroon stems bearing waxy, deep purple leaves streaked with pink, ivory and gray green.  Thrives in medium to bright indirect light and well drained organic potting mix.  Keep at 60°F or higher.  Annual/ house plant.


PHORMIUM, New Zealand Flax.  Sun.  Wonderful accent plant with strongly upright, sword-like leaves.  Excellent for containers.


PHORIUM tenax.  An arching plant to 3 feet tall with 1 1/2 inch wide leaves in shades of orange, rose, light green and yellow.  Drought tolerant non hardy plants provide excellent foils for other summer flowering annuals.  Grow in the ground or in containers.


PLECTRANTHUS, Variegated Sweedish Ivy.  Partial shade.  A fast growing foliage plant for baskets or containers.


PLUMBAGO, Cape Plumbago.  Sun or partial shade.  Tender shrub with long branches and clusters of flowers.  Drought tolerant.  Good for baskets and containers.


PORTULACA grandiflora, Assorted Rose Moss.  Sun; annual groundcover to 12".  Mixed colors.  Great groundcover or in baskets.  Heat and drought tolerant.


PURSLANE.  Sun.  Low-growing plant with bright colored flowers.  Drought tolerant.


REHMANNIA elata, Chinese Foxglove.  Sun; tender perennial; large, gloxinia-like magenta to bright rose purple tubes 2-4” long; may be over-wintered indoors.


RICINUS communis ‘Gibsonii’, Castor Bean.  Dark purple leaves and striking red seed pods.  Very poisonous. Not recommended for homes with pets or children.  48-72” tall, 48” wide.


RUDBECKIA hirta. Black-eyed Susan.  Tender perennials that may reseed (we hope!), but not always true to type.  Plant in full sun in well drained soil.  No need for staking if planted before blooming.

‘Autum Colors.’ Vivid blooms with red rings and brown centers top sturdy stems.  Reaches 20” tall.

‘Indian Summer.’  Outstanding variety exhibiting 6”-8” single flowers with golden yellow petals.  Reaches 30”-36” tall.  Semi-hardy.

‘Irish Eyes.’ Brilliant gold-toned daisy-like flowers with green centers blooms from summer to fall.  Reaches 24” tall.

‘Rustic Colors.’  Mixture of large dark golden yellow to bronze bi-color flowers with black centers.  Reaches 24” tall.  Zone 5.

‘Toto Gold.’  Large, 3 inch single vibrant yellow blooms with a rich brown disc.  Reaches 8”-10” tall.

‘Toto Lemon.’  Large 3 inch single blooms in gold.  Reaches 8”-10” tall.


RUELLIA brittoniana ‘Chi-Chi’, Pink Bellflower.  Grow in moist soil or up to 3” deep.  Bright, pink, petunia-like flowers appear all summer on narrow, dark green foliage.  Grows to 2’.


RUSCUS aculeatus ‘Christmas Berry’, Butcher’s Broom.  A wonderful plant that produces deep red berries all year round.  Grow in pots that can be moved in/outdoors according to the time of year.  Dark green stems are covered with small, tough, leaf-like structures that are actually a form of stem.  Species has separate male and female plants, but is hermaphrodite so produces berries by itself.  Prefers shade to part sun.  Grows to 2’ after many years. 


SALVIA, Sage.  Sun to part shade.

coccinea ‘Coral Nymph.’  2'; graceful bi-colored blossoms in salmon-coral and white; heat and drought tolerant.

‘Snow Nymph.’  Same as above only with pure white flowers

elegans ‘Golden Delicious.’  Truly exciting gold-leafed pineapple sage with fragrant foliage that smells just like pineapple.  Humming birds love the vivid red flowers in late summer into fall.  Deer and rabbit resistant. Hardy to zone 8.  (HERB)

farinacea ‘Evolution.’  AAS & Fleuroselect winner.  With unique deep violet flower spikes to 18” over deep green foliage.  Lovely compact plants, long flowering season.  Zone 8.

f. 'Victoria.’  Tender perennial to 18 "; long blooming, violet blue flower spikes  

guaranitica.  Beautiful large green leaves set off racemes of almost black buds which open to indigo blue flowers; tender perennial; blooms Aug-Oct.  Spectacular.

guaranitica ‘Argentine Skies.’  Like guaranitica, except flower color is sky blue.

gregii ‘Red.’   Tender evergreen shrub to 4'; red flower spikes; drought resistant

leucantha interesting blue and white flower spikes in fall.  wooly branches.  2-4’.

patens ‘Guanajuato.’  Crystalline blue flowers, larger than any other form we’ve seen, perch like exotic cobalt-plumed birds on this South American native.  Works well in combination pots.  Fragrant foliage.  Oh, by the way, Guanajuato is a suburb of Mexico City.

penstemonoides:  spikes of glowing, fuzzy bright scarlet flowers nonstop.  3’.  An incredible tender perennial.  A must have!

splendens ‘Purple Fountains.’  Glossy green foliage and unusual bright magenta flowers hang off procumbent stems.  Excellent container or hanging basket subject.


SCABIOSA, ‘Imperial Giant,’ Pincushion Flower.  Sun; fragrant, airy blooms appear all summer.  Mixed colors.


SCAEVOLA x ‘Blue Wonde’' Fan Flower.  Sun; tender evergreen perennial.  Australian

rostrate plant with sky blue lobelia-like flowers.  Excellent in pots, hanging baskets, or as a groundcover.


SCHIZOSTYLUS coccinea ‘Red,’ Red Kaffir Lily.  Deep red flowers in summer.  Sun.  20”.


SEDUM rubrotinctum ‘Pork and Beans.’  Yummy little fingers of foliage grow will in full sun to part shade.  Leaves darken to red in more sun.  Fantastic ground cover growing no more than 5 inches tall and much wider.  Masses of tiny yellow flowers in summer.  Hardy to zone 8.


SPILANTHES ‘Peek-A-Boo.’  I see you!  Astonishing golden globes with rich red-bronze eyes perched on mounds of bronze-green foliage.  Likes half shade. 


STROBILANTHES, Persian Shield.  Sun to part shade.  Bold deep metallic purple leaves.  Excellent in containers.  Tender perennial that may be over-wintered indoors.  Can grow to 4’.


THUNBERGIA, Blue Trumpet, Sky Vine.  Tender perennial for full sun.  For best results water well.

alata ‘Susie,’ Clock Vine.  Brilliant flowering vine with orange, white, and yellow flowers with and without dark eyes. Trailing or climber 3’-6’ tall.  

battiscombei ‘Blue Glory.’  Continuous 2” blue flowers (best show in spring) on trailing spreading 2-3’ vine for containers, filler.

grandiflora ‘Blue Sky.’  Tender large twining shrub and rich dark green leaves and clusters of sky blue flowers 4-6” long and 3” wide.  Incredible on a trellis or support.  Excellent for conservatory,` sunny warm spot or in a hanging basket.


TIBOUCHINA, Princess Flower.  Many violet blue flowers throughout summer.  Good container plant.  Sun to light shade.  


TITHONIA, Mexican Sunflower.  Large plant with bright orange flowers all summer.  Loves the heat and sun.


VERBENA.  Sun; tender perennial.  Vigorous spreading plant with profuse purple, blue, pink or red flowers.  Can spread up to 5'.  Laughs at heat and humidity.  Drought tolerant.  Excellent substitute for Ivy Geraniums. 


VERBENA bonariensis ‘Little One.’  A dwarf form, growing only 18 to 24 inches tall.  Devastatingly wonderful annual, blooming for the entire season. Heat loving.  Unlike species, this form does not readily reseed, and has higher resistance to powdery mildew. Easy to grow in full sun in average to poor, well drained soil.  Deer resistant.


VIGNA caracalla, Snail Vine.  un to part shade.  Lavender flowers shaped like snails cover vine in summer.  May be over-wintered indoors.


ZANTEDESCHIA, Calla Lily.  Shade to part shade.  Excellent foliage and flowers.  Wonderful in containers.  Good house plants.


ZINNIA linearis.  Sun; strong, spreading plants are equally good for hanging baskets or border with myriads of yellow, orange or white flowers that completely cover the plants. 8".


ZINNIA, ‘Ruffles.’  Sun; ball shaped yellow or red flowers 3 -3 1/1 across are ruffled and fully double.  Excellent for cutting. 24-30" tall.


Perennial Common Name Cross Reference Guide